"We don't just preach and profess a vision of justice in the world.

We model it through dismantling traditional systems of power."

Park Avenue offers several different internship programs seeking to provide a diverse and unique opportunity for ministry experience in a bold, inclusive and creative community of faith located in the neighborhood of South East Atlanta

Words from former interns...


Contextual Ministry Intern

Park Ave is a creative space where I was encouraged to lead. I was given space to grow and envision a more just world in a congregation that is seeking justice.


Contextual Ministry Intern

My time as an intern at Park Ave allowed me to grow into the minister I am today.  I truly felt like I was a part of this bold, inclusive, and creative team. There are opportunities here to learn, grow, and

co-create real change.


Ministry Residency

Park Ave’s Ministry Residency provides me opportunities to do authentic ministry in unimaginable ways! I came in as a Residence Intern, and quickly found community and family.


Summer Ministry Residency

At Park Ave. I was welcomed to the leadership as an equal for the first time in a church. Park Ave gave me freedom to explore my gifts and inspired me to embody a liberating and inclusive approach to ministry.


Contextual Ministry Intern

My experience at Park Ave challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and creatively reimagine what it means to do ministry in every area, teaching, preaching, liturgy, & outreach.


Emory Intentional Living Intern

There is something about coming home to other students and just sitting in the living room together, unwinding after a long day.


Created 2 Create Intern

Through the PABC's Created 2 Create internship, I was given opportunities to create art at major events in Atlanta.


Created 2 Create Intern

Created 2 Create and Park Ave. were a place for me to begin healing in creative practice during a difficult time in my life.


Contextual Ministry Intern

While interning, I was given real responsibility, presented with new theologies, and encouraged to be my best self. I am forever changed by Park Ave and the amazing people I met there.

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