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accessible sanctuary entrance.png

We want our space to be accessible for all who wish to enter. This map shows the pathway to the accessible entrance for the Sanctuary space, as well as how to navigate inside the building to reach the sanctuary.


Although we do not have a large parking lot in the back entrance to the church there is a small parking lot, with accessible parking and it is mainly used by folks who live at PABC and pastors on Sundays. This is the only entrance to the Sanctuary floor that is wheelchair accessible.

If entrance to the sanctuary up the large front steps is too many steps, the Sydney Street entrance is less steep with a landing after 8 stairs and then 8 more stairs to the side entrance to the church.

We apologize that our building does not have elevators or lifts for the many staired entrances. This is something we hope to address in our 2024 Strategic plan. Thank you for your grace and we are open to feedback about our journey toward accessibility.

For events in the Fellowship hall please reference this map for the ground floor accessible entrance.

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