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Creative Outlet is a monthly creative gathering. Creative Outlet is a laid back creative spiritual event - a time for fellowship, wine and art-making. This event is an opportunity to gather, make  art together and talk about the next liturgical season or sermon series.

 A part of our theology is that every person was made with a spark of creativity and imagination that was placed there by creator God and tapping into that creativity can be a form of worship. So come and be creative with us! All are welcome. We do need accurate numbers to have enough supplies so let us know by replying. Share with friends who you think might enjoy!


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February 14 @Park Ave. Don't Celebrate Commercialized Valentines - Join us for a night of poetry, geography & love letters from God.

We will talk theology and self-love with spiritual crafting processes focused on self-care.

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November 8 @Park Ave. The second StoryKeepers event will happen.

Come and join us for a "Moth"-like story telling event. Come to share a story or hear some stories. Craft your story and deep listen with the StoryKeepers.

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January 10 @Park Ave. 2nd Annual Vision Boards for the New Year

Participate with us in visioning your best next steps in this New Year of 2020. Set goals together and begin sojourning with us intentionally.

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