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New start time: 10:30am (ish)

Joining a new community for worship is a risk. We understand and honor that and want to give you more information about Park Ave, so that you can feel a little more comfortable. As a group we recognize the miracle that it is to try to reach out to a Christian community with all the harm that our beloved faith has caused. Park Ave. tries to confront these past mistakes and we work together to forge a new path of following Christ.

Institutional Harm Acknowledgment.jpg

Park Avenue Baptist Church acknowledges the harms caused by institutional religious structures, like churches, in a toxic Christian supremacy model that upholds and undergirds white supremacy, heteronormativity, and other dangerous communal practices. If the church has harmed you and you have managed to still come here- we recognize your resiliency and commit as a community to continue to deconstruct structures, theologies and systems that led to these harmful institutions and we will continue to work toward trust and build toward a true beloved community.

At Park Avenue we speak the name of the Mvskokee people who are the native stewards of this land, forcibly removed in attempted genocide and colonization, but Mvkoke people still live and have been sojourning back to these lands. Park Ave is a part of the landback movement and we support rematriation of these lands to the sacred land keepers that shepherd true connections with this land.

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