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We gather for community worship every Sunday at 10am-ish. 

We seek to provide a space where we meet God and go out in love and service to God's world.


Come dressed as you are most comfortable. Our folks traverse a spectrum of age, socio-economic status, race, and age, so come as you are!

Most folks arrive right around 10am-ish, but if you're early you may catch our worship team practicing. Many appreciate our laid back approach to worship.

We try to create space that is open and welcoming, so you may be greeted by a few folks who will introduce themselves and make you feel at home. We always say you can visit once, but after that you're family.

You are welcome here.



Our worship team plays a variety of music that centers around our theme and Scripture for the day. We believe God speaks through the arts, so all music is sacred. We hope you meet God in worship and respond in ways that are comfortable for you, whether that is sitting silently, clapping along, or raising your hands. You are welcome to worship freely here.

We are led by a Pastoral Team and have many gifted preachers within our congregation. As a result preaching changes from week to week. It's different, we know, but we believe God speaks to us in different ways through gifted and diverse voices.


We believe all of humanity is created in God's image. This "imago dei" in us all leads us to welcome and affirm all gender identities, transitions, ethnicities, ages, socio-economic groups and sexual orientations. We fully welcome and value all members of our church, including our LGBTQ family. We lift up voices that are marginalized, recognizing intersectional oppressions that work to mute voices of people of color.


Park Avenue is a multi-cultural congregation where all are welcome and loved--period.


From reading Scripture to serving communion at Park Avenue, we celebrate children and youth as participants in our church family. Each service also has a children's moment with our Pastor for Families and Congregational Care. Children in first grade and higher then grab a worship activity bag at the front of the stage. 

We view our children as equal members of the community and refuse to shush them and love the sound of their voices and laughter in service.



We are a justice-minded group of co-conspirators who come together to grieve the injustice of the world and to ACT to make this world a better place. 

We take serious the call to resist the empires of oppression and seek nothing less than radical inclusion, justice, housing, healthcare and love for all.


Our worship team plays everything from hymns to Fred Hammond to Mumford & Sons. We pick music that centers around our theme and Scripture for the day.

Our music varies widely, but here's a sample of some of the songs you might hear. To learn more and even hear a playlist, follow us on Facebook.

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