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At Park Avenue we recognize that we are all in a process of becoming and growing and that this is a vital part of the life of faith. Evolving in our belief systems is essential to continuing the spiritual journey. With this in mind we want to help people who are deconstructing toxic belief systems and we aim to offer new paradigms for taking social justice beliefs and translating them into action in radical church community. We have focused classes that augment the teachings in each sermon series.

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This group begins the first Monday of November at 7pm and we will be watching this documentary together: and in the following weeks we will follow the Mennonite Church curriculum.

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Catch up on some of the discussion here: Wisdom Jesus Padlet


Park Avenue's taking intentional steps toward making a curriculum and accountability group for those who want to engage deeper with Centering Prayer - that we are calling CORE.


Core is the intentional curriculum to elevate our consciousness. This is what Jesus was calling us toward.

Click here to sign up for the group me:

What is Centering Prayer?

Here's a roundtable by the curators 

and PABC leaders about this journey.

UnPacking Toxic Theology

UnPacking Toxic Theology

UnPacking Toxic Theology