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Why ministry residency?

Park Avenue Baptist Church is blessed with a large building in Southeast Atlanta, near public transportation and we seek to offer residency in this sacred space, in lieu of financial payment, for internship contributions. With this exchange, it is our hope to provide opportunity and access of enrichment and ministry experience. We aim to use our resources of space to provide for interns who seek the benefits of living in a brace community to move forward in a world that is too often unjust. The congregation at Park Avenue Baptist Church is a family, and we will continue to love our family well in practical and tangible ways.

What's it like to live in a church?

One must remain open to the needs and the Spirit of God in everything around because living in a church like this one has its challenges. Living in community is difficult and the Ministry Resident must seek to embody a pastoral presence and decorum of a representative of Park Avenue Baptist Church at any and all times. A church like this one is old and in need of repair. It can be cold or hot and at all times the resident must think of the greater good; how what they do impacts the community.


  • Creative Worship Planning and Opportunity to Preach

  • Spiritual Formation for all Ages

  • Curriculum Writing

  • Community Development

  • Intro to Activism and Advocacy

  • Program Development

  • Parish-based Pastoral Care 

  • Hospitality Residence Education Module Creation

  • Community Ministries (i.e. homework hotspot after school, summer literacy, community closet)

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