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Learning Outcomes

  • Practice of ministry skills in five areas: administration, liturgy (worship and preaching), pastoral calling and congregational care, mission and outreach, and religious education.

  • The benefit of on-site mentoring with an experienced clergyperson.

  • Experience in a clergy-led, supervised reflection group with colleagues.

  • Opportunities to exercise reflective practices of leadership and ministry.

  • Greater clarity in vocational identity and calling.


  • Creative Worship Planning and Opportunity to Preach

  • Spiritual Formation for all Ages

  • Curriculum Writing

  • Community Development

  • Intro to Activism and Advocacy

  • Program Development

  • Parish-based Pastoral Care 

  • Hospitality Residence Education Module Creation

  • Community Ministries (i.e. homework hotspot after school, summer literacy, community closet)

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