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At Park Avenue, youth are full participants in our church family, and regularly participate in worship. We commit to empowering children and families to practice faith together and grow in the love of Christ. We hope all of our youth feel like they belong to our faith community. 

During Worship

Covid Has Changed our worship to online, but we still need youth to participate...

Youth are invited to participate in worship and do so on a monthly basis in the form of liturgical dance, art, poetry, scripture reading and singing. If you have a particular interest in bringing a gift to our worship service please reach out to Pastor Darci.

The Youth program of Park Ave is committed to having a project that connects to the theme of each sermon series for the youth to engage with during service.

Community Group

Covid Has Changed our community groups to online, but we still need youth to participate...

On Sunday mornings after worship, both Middle and High Schoolers engage Scripture and see how it relates to the lives of youth. This is a time of prayer, study, and fellowship. Led by wonderful youth volunteers, the conversations are fun for the heart and deep for the soul.

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