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At Park Ave WE live into service and generous giving, despite not having excess in our community, we practice radical mutual aid believing in the abundance of God.

Sanctuary for All

Housing is a human right & many of us have experienced poverty or homelessness. We give out of gratitude & remembrance. At Park Avenue we serve an average of 10 people; through opening our space for people to live here in the dorm spce on the third floor of the building. We depend on mutual aid and donations to care for people sojourning with us and honor our principle of hospitality.

Thanks to PABC Building Manager

Park Avenue would not be able to accommodate anyone living in the space with true hospitality if it were not for the work of the building manager, CJ Ortiz. His tireless work, bringing in donations and gathering resources for our guests is a labor of love.

Meals for People Staying at PABC

At Park Ave we practice giving and accessing resources in the community. We as a community can do more to show our hospitality to our guests.

There is need for meals.

Donate food weekly. make a meal for the church community.


We need your help in this community to make it work for those who are in need.

Email to sign up to bring food.

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