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We experience God in so many wonderful ways. The creative ministry of Park Ave. makes space for response to God through art. Here are some of our favorite projects over the years to give you a taste of what to expect.

Congregational Art Making

Congregational art-making is a spiritual practice for the Park Ave. Community. We often create art work that is facilitated by our Artist-in-Residence. These group projects are a way for the whole congregation to respond creatively to the sermon. During particular times of the liturgical year we will respond in worship by contributing to a large scale project.

Live Painting

The movement of the spirit can be seen through creativity and painting is one medium to witness the Spirit at work through artists. At times we have artists responding live to the worship service and sermon through visual arts. These artists are modeling a creative connection with God that Park Ave. feels acutely. The walls of our building are full of pieces created in worship in this way.

Art-Making Pics

Experiential Worship

Experiential worship is an experimental worship style that reorients the worship experience toward participation by the congregation. At times we use stations to experience worship through activities, art and reflection. This type of worship de-emphasizes the sermon and puts the focus on the individual experiences.


So much of our sacred scripture is communicated through poetic form. The truth of a poem speaks above time and history to communicate at an emotional level that is connectional and artistic. Poetry, one of the main genres in the biblical text is an important way that we worship at Park Avenue.  With many talented poets in our congregation, you can expect to hear a poem or original piece in most worship experiences.

Poets in Worship