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Granola Bars
Snacks for Sunday Morning

You may have noticed that we have been providing snack bars on Sunday mornings. Please bring a box to share and help feed each other on Sunday Mornings.

Sour Patch Rainbow Straws

During the Pride Parade we throw tons of candy. We are asking for 50 boxes of these straws.


We could really use a new refrigerator. The groups that stay in Lydia's House use multiple refrigerators. We have always been donated used ones.

carpet sweeper.jpg
Carpet Sweeper

The offices have carpets and we need something small and easy to keep them looking professional.

bedside table.jpg
Side Table

Grace Period is housing folks who are unstably housed temporarily & we want to make them feel at home. Donating a dresser or side table would help!

office furniture.jpg
New Desk for Front Office

We are revamping our front office! We could use a more modern desk for the administrator. It doesn't need to be new, but in the link below is an idea of what we are looking for.

White Minibuses
Van for Afterschool

Our van for after school was donated several years ago. It has finally kicked the bucket, so if you know of another church or would like to donate a van we will gratefully accept.

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