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Here are some causes and organizations we support...

Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid Fund

Centering the most vulnerable.

The Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid Fund was created by community members from metro-Atlanta who have witnessed the needs of their neighbors at this time of crisis. While COVID-19 is a health pandemic, it has crippled economies and interrupted markets, causing wide-spread unemployment. Our concern is not with fixing the economy but instead with meeting the needs of people left with uncertainty and disruption. 

MAMA Fund.png


Nashville residents are trying to put their lives back together after tornadoes left our city and much of Middle Tennessee devastated. North Nashville, the last stronghold of historically Black neighborhoods in the city, was among the hardest areas hit. The Equity Alliance is providing residential relief and education efforts in North Nashville to assess the needs of residents home-by-home. 


Help Victims of Hurricane Dorian

We recommend GiveDirectly as a resource that bypasses the disaster relief industrial complex. Read this article for more information.


Second Chance Georgia

The Second Chance for Georgia Campaign, led by the Georgia Justice Project (GJP), brings together a broad base of diverse stakeholders to speak with one voice about the need to expand Georgia’s expungement law to allow expungement of certain misdemeanor and felony convictions after a period of conviction free years.


Reliable Information on Covid19

There is a lot of misinformation going around, so we wanted to link to what the CDC says:


Donate to Raices to Aid the Immigration Crisis

Raices is an organization that combines expertise developed from the daily practice of immigration law with a deep commitment to advocacy.

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