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Here are some resources recommended by PABC preachers about the topics of their sermons

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  • "I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness," by Austin Channing Brown

  • "You Were Born with Wings," Rumi 

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  • "The Boundless God," by Adrienne von Speyr

  • "Galatians and Colossians: Beyond Supersessionism" 

  • "Love Does That"- Meister Eckhart

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  • "Peacemaking: An Evangelical Possibility", Walter Brueggemann

  • "The Poem: Subversion and Summons, Isaiah 11:1-9", Walter Brueggemann

  • "Remembering God's Promises: Hope", Douglas W. Oldenburg

  • "How the Light Comes", Jan Richardson

  • “I am silent...and expectant” by: Ted Lodder

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  • Joy Harjo - "Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings"

  • Kaitlin Curtice - "Glory Happening"

  • "God is Red" - Vine Deloria Jr.

  • "Native American Testimony" - Peter Nabokov

  • "Voices from the Ancestors" - Eds. Lara Medina & Martha Gonzales

  • "The Coming" - Dr. Daniel Black

  • Booker T. Washington Biography

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  • "The Pursuing Father" - Kenneth E. Bailey

  • John Domonic Crossan's - “The Dark Interval: Toward a Theology of Story”

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie "The Danger of the Single Story" Ted Talk

  • "Parables as Subversive Speech: Jesus as Padagogue of the Oppressed" - William R. Herzog II

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  • Podcast “On Being” with Krista Tippett - Esther Perel interview 

  • Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics- Margaret Farley 

  • Shameless - Nadia Bolz Weber

  • Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity, by Dianna Anderson

  • Prophetic Imagination - by - Walter Brueggemann

  • Interactive Worship:

    • Imagination ​

    • Writing a letter to Inner Child

    • Finger Labryrinth

    • Sand Meditation

    • Self Affirmations

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