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Being a helpful part of the Grant Park neighborhood is important to us. We share our space with  support groups, community meetings and events, a preschool, artists, a music academy and more.  

Partners that share space...


Lost N' Found

Temporary Housing Shelter

Homelessness among LGBTQIA young people is extremely high. Lost. N' Found focuses on this population. Helping them to find safety and shelter for Atlanta's LGBT homeless youth.

Lost N' Found uses space for their temporary housing at Park Avenue. 


Hotline: 678-856-7825. 

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Free Food Fridge All

Free Food Site

On Fridays and Saturdays for 3 hours free food is given out from the Park St. Fellowship Hall entrance of Park Avenue Baptist Church.


WildFlower Wellness

Holistic Healing

A safe inclusive space for massage and aromatherapy by: Brandi Kaepplinger, a licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Healer.

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The Children's Garden


A non-profit community preschool program serving children 19 months to 5 years old. Their mission is to meet the young child in their place of wonder; to honor each child’s sense of self; to cultivate understanding, cooperation and communication by way of the learning through living approach.  

Image by Vlad Tchompalov

The Filling Station 

Support Group

A place to refuel for the chronically ill and their caregivers. The Filling Station creates space to ask/answer questions, share experiences, uplift each other, and offer opinions. Face to face meetings happen monthly with a very active online presence. 


Bottom Feeders

AA 12 Step Meeting

One of the largest Alcoholic Anonymous meetings in Atlanta- Bottom Feeders is an invite only group that meets twice a week. 

Community partners...

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