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Common Table is one of Park Ave.'s most beloved groups.

Share food. Share life. Join other members of the Park Ave family for a monthly meal, eat together around a common table and grow deeper in your relationships. Each common table group will consist of 8 people, couples or singles, but 8 total. One person will act as the group's host, which means setting the monthly menu, assigning dishes to each participant to bring, and opening their home to the group once a month to share the meal. Some groups will be kid friendly, others might prefer a kid-free group. Its all up to you! When you register today you are committing to being a part of a common table group for four months and sharing a meal on last Sunday night of each month. Please make sure you can block time out for this if you sign up, it okay if you have to miss for some reason, but this time will be more meaningful for all with a full group. Please contact for clarification or more details!

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