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We believe in a God who is bold, inclusive and creative--a God who has acted and continues to act in human history out of love for the whole creation, lovingly nurturing, shaping and inviting us to co-create the world anew. 

This means if we are to follow God, we must seek to be bold, inclusive and creative in God's world. Jesus called this "the kingdom of God", others have called it the Beloved Community. We are committed to building this community right here, right now.

We commit to be the Beloved Community.

We will be bold in deconstructing racism, classism, sexism, ageism, ableism- physical and mental, homophobia, transphobia, violence and hatred through the creative use of  worship, dialogue, education ,activism, protest and resources - human, fiscal, and capital; in order to embody the inclusive way of Jesus.

We will act in love.
We will welcome everyone. 
We will empower others.
We will inspire transformation.
We will invite others. 
We will take risks. 
We will ask tough questions. 
We will practice peacemaking. 
We will build a culture that experiences change as positive growth.

We commit to co-creating the world anew with the God of all possibilities, empowering others to love boldly and serve generously.

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