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At Park Avenue we recognize there are different times that we can gather to form a deeper connection outside of simply worshipping together on Sunday morning. Therefore we have Homegroups where the same small group meets in people's homes to journey together in faith, and we have Circle Groups, groups where all are invited and they meet throughout the month and are centered on affinities, books or topics. 


Circle Groups

HomeGroups are small groups of people who meet in the groups' homes. These groups of 8-10 people meet according to the group's schedule. The goal of a homegroup is to do life together and walk a journey of faith in small community.

Circle Groups center on people's interests and happen at different times. There have been many different types of Circle Groups ranging from a group that goes out to dinner and talks about theology to a group studying black liberation theology.


Lizz & Kyle's


This group meets every other week on Wednesdays with rotating themes.

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New Homegroup

Host a group and journey together with this community.


Studying the Enneagram

This group meets Tuesday nights 7pm at Dakota Blue on Cherokee.

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Creative Outlet

This is a time for theology and craft. Different themes each month.

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