Site of Memory Memorial Congregational A
Unearthed November 2019
We build onto this piece each week adding earth to the abstract painting of the cross section of the earth with earthen materials as we addressed the Doctrine of Discovery and Christian theology's co-signing of policies of oppression.
Experimental Worship Summer 2019
Each season we try to do an experimental worship, where we put to use the lessons of the season and make stations for us to encounter God through practice and not the spoken sermon.
Stations of the Cross Lent 2019
Each week during Lent 2 preachers spoke about the stations of the cross in the series we called "The Way of the Cross" and we responded by tracing the path of the stations with twine each week. The stations were abstract renderings of each station in marker done by Pastor Darci.
Pentecost Cloth Chandeliers 2019
This response entailed the congregation writing the gifts they want to offer up this Pentecost and throughout the year by tying them onto a cloth chandelier that was lowered down at the response time of the service. The fire red cloth was then raised up as we prayed for our gifts to be offered.
Building Tables Not Walls Sept. 2018
In the Sermon Series Borderlands we built a table from a fence in service and each week we sanded the table together as our time of response.
Advent 2017
The River sculptural collaboration evolved in the month before and through Advent of 2017. This 50 foot sculpture spanned the length of the sanctuary and up into the balcony with fabric and tinfoil and stones representing the things that make up our souls. It was built weekly in the response time.
Pulse Memorial June 12, 2018
On the second anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL we created this installation in community to help process, remember, begin to heal and tell a true story of the homophobic, xenophobic and racist attack on a community of mainly latino and black queer folk.
Cloud of Witnesses Response
This piece was a response to a sermon about our Cloud of Witnesses and we responded by adding the names of our community and ancestors to this original piece of art by Pastor Darci.
Cairn Building November 2018
In response to a sermon about our Personal Landmarks we built small cairns to help us think about our landmarks with a tactile response.
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